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Specialists In Modern Construction

Our work carries us into multiple different areas of modern construction such as:

  • Building Inspiring Spaces
  • RCC Construction
  • Steel Structure
  • Interior Decoration
  • Electrical Work
  • Painting Work
  • Tiles, Marbles, and Granite Work
  • Fall Ceiling, Glazing, Toughen Glass, and ACP Board Work
  • Wooden Work


Construction is an important sector that contributes greatly to a nation's economic growth. The construction industry is an investment-driven sector in which the government shows great interest.

Perfect Lines

The government contracts with the construction industry to develop infrastructure related to the health, transportation and education sectors.

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Renovations (also called renovations) are the process of improving a broken, damaged or outdated structure. Renovations are typically commercial or residential.

Freshly New

Furthermore, renewal can refer to doing something new or bringing something back to life and can be applied in social contexts.

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Interior Decoration

The first thing in building a house is to select a lot and prepare it. The interior should capture one’s attention in a unique way.

Artfully Crafted

It should look more attractive and professional while visualizing.

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Steel Structure

Quality is hard to define as it is all about meeting the goals, needs and expectations of the customers with respect to the durability,


 reliability, functionality, design and price of the product.

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Explore Recent Work

We, the Nepal Speed House offer different types of works and services like:

  • RCC Construction
  • Steel Structure Construction
  • Interior Decoration Work
  • All Types Of Electrical Work
  • All Types Of Plumbing Work
  • All Types Of Painting Work
  • All Types Of Tiles, Marbles & Granite Work
  • Fall Ceiling, Glazing, Toughen Glasses & ACP Board
  • All Types Of Wooden Work

Our Core Values

As a leading firm in the construction field, Nepal Speed House delivers quality construction at an effective cost. Our main aim is to build modernize and inspiring spaces for your offices, stores, or residence.

Building Inspiring Spaces

We are an experienced and competent construction company that builds a variety of turnkey projects. We have the depth of talent, integrity, and comprehensive technical expertise you need to develop your next project.

Our Agenda is to deliver quality construction. We manage all the necessary details of the project, including bidding, expertise staffs/workers, and managing 2 M’s(Men and Materials with equal emphasis on communication).


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